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वर्ग:Transferable to Marathi Wikisource

विकिबुक्स कडून
  1. Following articles are to be transfered to Marathi Wikisource along with the history to Marathi Wikisource.
    1. Just if any title happens to pre exist at mr-wikisource please slightly rename the newly imported one with word duplicate
    2. Recategorisation and other process of imported pages at mr-wikisouce will be done by mr-wikisource local team.
  2. Need to leave back the template {{विकिस्रोतातस्थानांतरीत}} to soft redirect related pages from mr-wikibooks to mr-wikisource (So it would be easy for old editors to refer to wikisource project articles and keep track of the same, We certainlly need help of these old anonymous editors at wikisource, so we are taking enough care).
    1. Template {{विकिस्रोतातस्थानांतरीत}} category:जानेवारी २०१७ मध्ये वगळावयाचे मराठी विकिस्रोतात स्थानांतरीत लेख will automatically recategorise, we will do process of deleting these article titles Jan 2017 so the anonymous authors of these titles more than enough time to get redirected and visit their created articles mr-wikisource).

या वर्गात अद्याप एकही लेख किंवा माध्यमे नाहीत.